FEBRUARY – Mushroom Risotto With Honey Spiced Duck

FEBRUARY – Mushroom Risotto With Honey Spiced Duck


3 Shallots, chopped finely

1 garlic clove finely diced

350g/12 oz Arborio rice

175ml / 6fl oz white wine

600ml hot vegetable stock

150g/5oz mushrooms chopped

30g/ 1 oz freshly grated parmesan

Salt & freshly ground black pepper

1 oz butter



1 duck breast trimmed

Salt & freshly ground black pepper

65g/2 oz fresh cherries (stones removed)

2 tbsp honey

Splash of red wine

½ tsp mixed spice


Method for Risotto

Melt the butter in a pan over a medium heat.  Add the shallots and garlic and fry until softened but not coloured.

Add the rice, stir well and cook for 1-2 minutes, or until the rice is slightly translucent.

Add the white wine and stir well until the wine is almost completely absorbed.

Add a ladleful of stock and allow the rice to absorb almost all the stock before adding the next ladleful.

Continue adding the stock a ladleful at a time until all the stock is used.

Once all the stock has been added and absorbed, add the mushrooms and stir well. (If you feel at this stage the rice is still under cooked, add some boiled water a little at a time until rice is cooked)

Once the rice is cooked, but slightly al dente, add a large knob of butter and the parmesan and stir well.


Method for duck

For the duck, heat a non-stick frying pan.  Season the duck and place in the pan, skin side down and fry for 5/6 minutes, draining off the excess fat.

Turn the duck breast over, add the cherries, honey, red wine and mixed spice and cook for a further 5/6 minutes.

Let your duck breast rest for a few minutes, slice at an angle and place beside risotto, spoon over sauce and serve.

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