Who We Are

On the surface, Root Soup is about growing and preparing vegetables and making organic soups and breads. But we’re about much, much more than that.

Root Soup is a social enterprise that involves people who have learning disabilities and people who are homeless working together to learn and grow.

Our overall vision is that, through partnership and by sharing our resources and our expertise, Root Soup will become a dynamic social enterprise that is part of an overall ‘Field to Fork’ initiative, offering training and employment opportunities across the food chain i.e. growing, preparation and catering.

Our aim is to enhance the relationship between people with disabilities, people who are homeless and the rest of our society

We are changing the social landscape for all people in our society; in a world where many people feel isolated, afraid, despondent we are creating a future filled with hope and a society where everyone matters and can make a difference.

We would love you to get involved, so if you’re interested or think of anything you could offer please let us know.


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